Does the walker choose the path? Or the path the walker?

The drawing below was done by my adult son, who never normally draws, on the occasion of my birthday this week.

The phrase in the title references the Book of the Dead, the working manual for the Abhorsen who hastens the unquiet spirits through the seven precincts and past the final gate.

11 responses to “Does the walker choose the path? Or the path the walker?

    • Professor Yaffle?
      The disreputable dog is Rufus.
      In the book Lirael, the disreputable dog is an earthly manifestation of an ancient magical power. In my life, Rufus in an embarrassment to the noble wolf lineage, but he doesn’t give a stuff.
      Not a bad drawing for someone who never draws. The ability is there within us all, the biggest difference is whether we are driven to draw.

      • Professor Yaffle. I completely forgot. But not him. It’s an idea I’ve been playing with since the Matisse in his Studio exhibition. These are the first (and so far only) bits. It’s been a bit intense these last weeks and drawing has been squeezed out.

      • The neat thing about stripped down social media without emojis is you could be being sarcastic “will be fascinating” but I take it as interested “will be fascinating” :-).
        Either way makes me smile.

      • I can’t do emojis. I always think by putting them in I’m making up for saying something wrong. Sarcasm was not intended!! I told you I can’t work this comment thing! Not only will we admire the art, we’ll get to see what’s in your house!

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