art by committee

Should I:

  1. Place large stripe of orange paint across the picture
  2. Drown it in sepia ink, white gouache, ground charcoal and water and leave to dry slowly
  3. Guillotine into vertical strips and re-arrange
  4. All of the above


18 responses to “art by committee

  1. No. 1 first, but just use a strip of unattached orange card first. Can you colour photocopy and do no. 3 with the copy? If neither of these suit, at least give it 3 days and look at it again before doing something permanent! I like it as is

  2. No, I’m for ripping it apart straight away (3). Pirate-style. You know? Doesn’t mean I don’t like it the way it is right now… Hehe, feels like angel and devil on each of your shoulders…

      • That is really funny
        Because you’ve got to the heart of it. I can see the Edwardian lady now you say it, but the truth is worse.
        It’s all accidental art. It started portrait view in crayon and glue, then I flipped it 90 degrees as I started to work into it in ink. Somehow a human form emerged. On its side. I could see fettered hands so built these up.
        … then, when I flipped it back to portrait, what I saw was a slightly fetishy version of Donald Trump.
        Hence the question, what to do next?

      • Ahhh, I see your dilemma. πŸ™‚ Although I still really like it as is, I cannot deny being attracted by the idea of guillotining, in this particular instance… πŸ™‚

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