Olives and ink

The roots of the olive trees gripped the limestone and the limestone blocks grew into trees.

I drew this in ink dripped on the paper.

I shaped it with a stone and stick.

I hoped it would dry quickly while I drew but the afternoon was drawing on and the sun was no longer hot.  I placed it flat to photograph it.  The movement disturbed the ink, the pigments merged and the tones were lost.  I rebuilt it, applying more wet ink, keeping it flat and still in the sun.

However, my time was done and I needed to walk back up the steep path.  I wedged it between two pages with the thought it might leave a print. Instead, the paper adhered to the drying ink.

With hindsight, I should have ripped them apart, leaving torn paper stuck to the ink for another layer.  Instead I separated them carefully and wiped of the excess ink.  Its looks like this now, waiting to be drawn on again.


21 responses to “Olives and ink

    • Hungry
      Is this a metaphor or are you hungry for olives. If so, I am moved to say that on holiday I ate a dish of olives, with beer, gin or wine, at least once a day.
      Now I’m hungry for olives.

      • Haha! The other guy said it and I just picked it up. Aaaah. A friend of mine just returned from Crete and brought me salt mixed with the most delicious herbs. I’d just leave them packed, taking in their strong scent from time to time during work, like some freakish aroma therapy. I miss my Mediterranean Islands sooooo much…

    • Thanks. This was the piece I had in mind when I went to the olive grove. But I got sidetracked by the crayon sketch and the oil pastels on stone, so I didn’t leave enough time for this. But perhaps I’ll try this again in an English woodland.

  1. It looks like the tree is growing as you draw, then fading back into soil, as it would when it dies and disintegrates. Then another one may grow there again.

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