chasing memories

For some time, my mother lived in Tideswell, a stone-built village in the Peak District, grown up round a large parish church (“the cathedral of the peaks”), where buying a loaf of bread would take all morning as people circulated their news and thoughts.  This was when she was principal of a college in Sheffield, owned Mushie the mushroom-coloured Weimaraner trout-poacher, was in a relationship with a former tank commander who lived by selling lingerie and wine; and before, redundant, single-again and bored, she escaped grandmothership to work in Malawi and Macedonia.

This weekend, I returned to Tideswell, chasing memories of the dales where we walked the dog.  But I could not match the images in my head to the places I found.  This one place I do remember: parking in Millers Dale, traversing the viaduct which once carried quarry stone on rail tracks, dropping down steps to the river Wye.

Whereas before we would follow the course of the river beneath the trees, now I deviated up a path across open fields.


11 responses to “chasing memories

  1. These are beautiful, evocative, and I loved knowing the memories attached to the places. The bridge reminded me is one I see very often ; I run on a trail through a park and a huge railroad bridge passes over a stream and the trail, with arches like theses and greenery all around. Now I’ve superimposed my own memory on your piece and added a layer to its viewing. I enjoyed it so much. Thank you.

  2. What a colourful character! Always an odd experoence Going Back. I think the light i the trees under the arch in the first picture is tremendous. The landscape is beautiful too. You have really got the hang of the medium – very immediate. I find it difficult to cope with using colour ‘en plein air’.

  3. I’d gone back to have a look at a painting I finished the other day before you commented on waving and drowning, as I immediately saw a resemblance in the tree trunks. Perhaps we took away a bit of each other’s technique/observation/style on our day out?? Glad you made it back to Tideswell to draw. I’m off to east anglian at the end of august for a landscape workshop.

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