if its worth doing, its worth doing badly

I don’t think I fully realised what 40000 years of evolution as commensal species have done to wolves and sapient apes.

Is a dog sentient, not by lupine nature but by conditioning, living with people who call things and actions and themselves by names?  Does this shape their awareness?  Is our talk a word-cage which constrains them?


These were drawn with a charcoal pencil stick, which snapped into two stubs when he pulled hard on the lead as I tried to sketch him outside.  These are small, in a pocket book of cartridge paper.  Its hard to capture simplicity of shape and neglect the fur.


I think he sees us use our hands and he wants to imitate, but only has his mouth to manipulate things.  That’s why he bites my laces as I tie my shoes.  He read my son’s favourite book with his teeth, but despite shredding several pages did not get the plot.


13 responses to “if its worth doing, its worth doing badly

  1. My cats do quite a lot with their paws. If they develop opposable thumbs …………. !!!! The sketches are so dog like, you have really captured the essence of dog. I don’t find it easy to draw animals, they’re so alien.

    • He is loads of active when I can see him. I just can’t capture those moments, but I am building towards that.
      I am capturing dogginess, but am I capturing the essence of this particular dog? Not yet …
      But it’s fun. I did not remember or realise how much a dog completes a family.

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