… neither wisely nor well …

2017-05-29 11.35.55-1

I shamelessly nicked the idea of working in oil pastel and graphite from outsideauthority.  OA’s recent pictures have a real sense of place and character and I liked OA’s looseness of working pencil into the layered colour.

2017-05-28 18.06.59

My drawing started with shading blocked in from a graphite stick.  When I applied the pastel, the graphite was taken up, creating satisfying textures and tones.  However, the resulting image seemed lacking in freedom.  I scrawled over it in blocks of colour obscuring much of the detail, rubbed into it with tissue and scraped back in with a penknife and hard graphite.  I spent a little time later making minor adjustments to the composition so the structures of the lock stood out against the background.


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