I have found myself drawing in the evenings more frequently, small sketches from imagination or photographs, in a pocketsize moleskine watercolour book.  The paper is tough and takes some rough treatment, textured so it catches the pigment from the conte crayons.

This sketch was done over two days.  It started as an image of trees reflected on water, suggested by outsideauthority’s recent post.  I overloaded it with crayon, wet it and ripped at it, repaired it by gluing it to the page beneath and left it to dry.  Next day I turned it by 90 degrees, painted into the dark areas with white gouache, sparing the virgin white where I had torn off the pigmented layers.  I drew back into this surface with strong strokes of crayon, brushpen and watercolour.

It says something of the apocalyptic feelings which are haunting me.

10 responses to “groundswell

  1. I don’t see the apocalyptic as much as the chaos. I’m thinking growth out of control. Uncertainty, imminent change/ danger. Have just been watching the news with my kids and don’t really know what to say to them. Wonder if my parents ever felt like that. I can see a figure in there too, is he the one causing it?

    • Hi OA,
      You are spot on. I had a longer explanation of my feelings but deleted most of it. This sketch, to me, has a feeling, not so much of human chaos and growth but that of life and the planet fighting back against the burdens we place upon them. The question is, as that happens, will humans still be part of the result?
      My mother recalled wondering whether we might shelter beneath the floorboards if the Cuban missile crisis progressed to nuclear war. I feared Reagan would start a war by mistake. Now I am haunted by the paranoid fantasy that each day Trump looks at a different city round the world, musing on which will be chosen to be destroyed, with the intention of finally silencing the critics who continue to mock him.

  2. I think we all have that rumbling uncertainty at the moment in one form or another, not pleasant, but we’d like to give a reassuring answer to our kids so I won’t rule out lifting a few floor boards. I can remember my mum saying as i child she once saw the cavity between the house walls when something was being done and made a complete alternative world out of it and would stand in the gap and go ro a different place. I know on occassions my home didn’t always feel safe and I’d look for a further way to retreat

    • Yes
      My new resolve is not to find him or his backers funny any more.
      There are too many parallels with 1930s Europe, and it seems liberals saw the Nazis as ridiculous until it suddenly became very very serious.

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