21 responses to “Democracy is what happens between elections

    • Well I guess the electoral is part of it but on its own is a blunt instrument. I keep seeing commentators saying we have no rights over the decisions now we’ve had a referendum on leaving the EU or Trump is elected. But the core of democracy is the negotiated balance of freedoms and rights, transparency and accountability that happens between elections. In that mix, protest is important. And this women’s protest speaks for us all.

      • I think that’s my point. Russia has elections but is not democratic. It all comes down to what happens between elections. That’s why we must stand up, each in our way, and hold the powerful accountable during and between elections. Its great if our leaders are popular because they are good, but popularism is dangerous.

      • And I think that was my point. This notion you have can be stamped on very easily, if those you elect aren’t going to play ball. In that respect we are all dangling by a thread.

      • I think we agree that democracy is fragile but differ in level of pessimism. Our freedoms now were won through struggle, including in war, by our predecessors. We can wring our hands or be active. In this art too is important.

      • Biggest. Protest. Ever. Only protest ever with pink hats sporting tiny ears, as far as I know 🙂 …. Interesting times, and we must all keep recording them. Thanks…

    • Thank you Rosie. Your comments always mean a lot to me.
      It’s only a tiny sketch in my smallest pad – using this in the evenings keeps me drawing when other stuff gets in the way.
      I wanted to abstract the images I’d seen in the news and from friends who went, as I was not there myself (on call this weekend, or we’d have gone en famille).
      My usual layering of crayon and watercolour. As well as the march, I had in mind a flowering meadow.

  1. Yes I see that meadow too, the green gives it a fresh spring like feel from the right and the hats could be poppy heads. All leads to some very interesting associations. Your particular technique, which is becoming refined all the time, suits this subtle suggestiveness.

  2. Hi and thanks for commenting.
    I agree, but rights have never been given freely. We have to win them and also, unexpectedly, to find ourselves struggling to win anew rights we thought our parents’ generation had already won for us. I don’t know how to do this, but we all of us have to be politically engaged.

    • This is the first January when politics surpassed the weather as the main subject of conversation. It is a first step, but not a situation I ever imagined we’d be in after the work of the 60’s and 70’s! Love your style of painting. Isn’t it great we have a hobby to get lost in?

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