Anthea Hamilton: Project for door

On entering the second Turner Prize installation at the Tate Britain gallery, my son focussed first on Anthea Hamilton’s brick suit tailored from brick textile hanging against a brick mural.  He turned back on himself to be confronted by a giant mooning butt. I could hear him guffawing as I followed.  Like everyone else, we took turns photographing each other in that false doorway framed by giant thighs.


I was struck not by those giant buttocks but at what the sculptor had left out:  there is no anus and no swell of genitalia above the doorway.  I found myself reflecting with sadness and respect that the neat central line might be the scar left by a skilled surgeon when the choices were hard and stakes high.


Standing to one side and drawing, my thoughts changed to reflect a widespread mood of anger and despair.  Perhaps this is a monumental statue of an emperor’s golden arse as he displays his power and contempt.  But he is full of shit and has no balls.

It belongs in Trump Tower.


6 responses to “Anthea Hamilton: Project for door

  1. Let me know when you are posting Cromford and I will too. You’ve given me an idea of what to try next with my landscapes. We need to set another sketch date. Perhaps for the warm up, we should ‘swap’ our mediums of choice – I will dig up a fountain pen and the conte crayons, you will need to find a biro! Have been googling camp stools too.

    • Hi OA
      It won’t be tonight now. Long day. Tomorrow I hope. I am thinking of titling it something like “drawing from cold”. I was still trying to thaw one arm and the opposite leg this morning!

      Agreed about need to plan next drawing day. I enjoyed yesterday.

      Swap sketch books too and then post each other’s drawings? Or too weird? There are a various communal drawing exercises I’ve heard of which take similar approaches. Swapping sketches and drawing over them again. Folding two sheets of paper and swapping so we both draw on different joining panels, then each opening one up to draw over the panels on the whole sheet. There are others.

      Yesterday did help me think through what I should be doing differently with my sketches. So perhaps we might keep our own sketchbooks and pens if we like, but swap approach: so I’ll draw ten sketches in the time it takes you to do one!

      Cheers and thanks

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