Structures without humanity


This was the large theatre in Pompeii caught in strong afternoon sunlight at the end of October.  This was roughed out in conte crayon and then the pigment was shifted about with a Faber Castell cool grey brush pen



This view of the amphitheatre was made from one of the tunnels through which I guess, the fighters entered.  It was drawn with the side of a graphite stick and then worked over in crayon and brush pen to add colour and deeper tones.  In the labyrinth which encircled it beneath the stands, there was an exhibition and video display of the young Pink Floyd playing this venue, not for a live audience but for the backdrop and acoustics.

2016-10-30-09-27-38     2016-10-30-09-28-22

My daughter’s drawings of the large theatre populated them with larger than life people, whereas I eliminated the people who were really there, wanting only to show the structure without the clutter of humanity.

12 responses to “Structures without humanity

  1. These are good. You often (it seems to me) pick especially challenging scenes – the entire amphitheatre, the rounding walls, the repetitive steps. But then you strike me as someone who never takes the easy option. Liking yhe addition of the cool grey pen, gives a striking contrast to yhe rougher conte colour. I do hope the people there were as beautiful as your daughter’s pictures and look at lovely detail on the walls

    • Perhaps some of Oliver Lovelly’s influence affected her drawing. We’ve talked about textures sometimes.
      The grey pen has been a discovery. Water or water colour skips off the crayon but the pen grabs the pigment and smooths it, so I can build drawing and textures into the first sweep of the crayon.

    • Hi Kerfe
      Thanks. It’s how it felt too, the weight of that stone and the ancient human endeavour, and the blood spilt in that place, and the immediacy of sex and death, those forever animal fears and drives. To feel this, I did not want there to be people milling about gawking, though I too was just one of the crowd. But my daughter saw the people and for her they were important, not the cold old stone.

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