On the brink

Waking alone in a hotel room on Wednesday 9th November 2016 I am on the brink of discovering the outcome of the election, across the water, for US president.  This is one event which will surely affect us across the world.  The fear that America will choose as its leader an infantile vengeful narcissist overshadows the historic possibility that it might instead elect its first woman president.


Igor Mitoraj’s monumental sculptures are shaped to suggest their disintegration through the long passage of time.  Here, a vast bronze broken bust is positioned in a room adjacent to the bath house destroyed two millennia ago by the super-heated ash falling from Vesuvius.

This piece is named Sulla riva grande scripolata.  As best I can tell from online translation, this means “on the greater shore, cracked”.  Whatever the events of this day, there will come a time when our civilisation will be known by the cracked fragments found protruding from the pebbles and silt of the river bank.

5 responses to “On the brink

  1. Hi,

    How are you N. ? I haven’t been here for a while…It’s always good to see your work comments and thoughts
    Mitoraj sculptures show disintegration through the passage of time as much as disintegration of our culture values humanity and our education that is not fluent and continuous anymore. The sculpture is fragmented the part of the eyes and brain have been removed. Despite the fact his sculptures are over sized made from solid material they make impression of empty shell they have no mass no weight inside…they are more like theatrical masks
    What happens on the “main stage” reminds me the attempt to open Pandora box by the main comedian that is not even funny but supported by uneducated people. The nightmare is going to happen because those that considered themselves educated so far were “too educated” and “self-centered” to listen to those that were at the bottom of the ladder. The main actor represents their anger

    • Hi Ewa
      It’s great to hear from. How are you and how’s your art going?
      I’ve found these pieces of art speaking to me, or perhaps they’ve been shells onto which I can project my feelings.
      To be honest I’m not wholly convinced about the howl of rage against elites idea of Trump’s win. I see from the early analysis of exit polls that lots of better off white people, especially men, voted for him. To me it looks simpler, this was a white supremacist vote and a slap down for people of colour, hispanics and of women by people who have long held petty power in their own spheres. It’s not just him who scares me, it’s half of the American population.
      I hope things turn out better than I fear.

      • Hi Neil

        All good with me. At the moment I’m very much into barbering (it’s just different canvas) pretty much the same as sculpturing using sharp tools. If I don’t know how to cut hair I simply sculpt them. The nice thing about barbering is you can’t cheat hair its texture or it’s direction it’s either cut properly or not. It gives me some sense of security I lose when doing art
        The good barbering is based on cleanliness simplicity and honesty. For me it’s more engaging than drawing because you work on 3D model and also different angles you consider anatomy of the model and making him/her feel good about themselves. Humans are not perfect but there’s always something (even some fragment) about almost every model that you can use and make them benefit.
        The whole barbering industry has still men’s face where men are allowed to be men without women. At the same time, there are not many public spaces where women are “allowed to be women” without men. Allowing women to enter barbershop it’s not the end of the world it won’t change direction the hair grows or it won’t change methods of cutting. If a woman requests colorful fireworks she will choose hair stylist over barber but when she requests classic pomp I believe she should be allowed to choose decent barbershop. It’s not only haircut it’s the whole experience.
        As for the recent election, I agree that it’s aimed at people of color and women in the first place, but he redirects the rage of those uneducated making them believe immigrants are to be blamed. He offers solution to send them all back home. This doesn’t represent change but fear of what’s most admirable about America. He wants to make America great again but great only for white people …

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