After the morning’s heavy rain stopped, my nine year old daughter and I went for a muddy walk, stopping at the corner of a field to draw.  The sky was dominated by a huge bar of deep cloud that reached out over us from the woods on the next hill.  Strangely, this broke up while I was drawing it and yet I never actually observed the process whereby the structure disintegrated.  Each time I looked it was different and each layer of conte crayon tracked the changing shapes and light.  However, I did not simply watch and register how the cloud masses moved.


These next two sketches were done last weekend around the grounds of the Tudor moated mansion, Baddelsey Clinton.


In all these sketches I am trying to use my standard field kit – soluble inks, water, conte crayon, to get a quick sense of the subject.  What is needed here is more lightness of touch.

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