Dr Sketchy: Steampunk IV – windswept

The Victoria pub sits on a bend in the road.  The wind is channelled straight to the front door by the elevated highway running alongside.  Sitting outside the pub were hardened smokers, plus the two of us having a drink and warming up to draw, and the Dr Sketchy’s performers posing for photographs before the show.

My sketch, drawn between gusts, is not very good, offers a poor likeness and will cause me some grief for posting it here.


My second drawing was from the imagination, starting with random doodles.  There is a bit of punk but little steam about this picture.


4 responses to “Dr Sketchy: Steampunk IV – windswept

  1. The portrait is so full of life and so dynamic and expressive. Don’t worry if it isn’t a good likeness, most sketches are not. I love the one drawn from your imagination – something I cannot do!

    • So I didn’t know Shaun Tan. When I googled him I was puzzled by your remark, until I reached a drawing of a diving suit against a row of houses. However, I really like his drawings and paintings generally – strange worlds. Thanks for introducing me to his work.

      • He’s a fantastic author/illustrator (Australian) and the story that goes with the diving suit illustration is really good. Sorry I’ve been travelling and i’ve laft part of my brain somewhere!

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