Dr Sketchys: Steampunk III


She harvested moonlight broken by droplets scattered by flying fish, and the phosphorescence left in their wake.

He scooped up after-images of butterflies in sunlight, the glisten of dew on beetles’ carapaces, the warning shock of wasps’ weeds.

From this they wove a cloth so fine that a bale of the stuff could fit in a razor shell.

They pitched their iridescent tent at twilight, at the surf’s edge, between silence and laughter.



Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, The Victoria, Birmingham.  24th September 2016

The Sea Hunter – Kitten von Mew

The Land Gatherer – Richard von Mew

5 responses to “Dr Sketchys: Steampunk III

    • Simple answer – yes
      It’s made my wife come with me to draw (plus gin and tonic). I love the creativity and work put in by the contributors – making and adapting costumes and props all for a couple of transient poses. I feel I want to give a little back. I found these short, rather overblown, pieces of prose came to mind from the steampunk theme. However, I am now thinking through how to approach the next one … brides prejudice and zombies.

  1. These are really striking, you have found your Sketchy stride! The colours are fantastic I’m sure the contributors would love their confidence and aloofness you’ve captured. Have you compared these side to side with the first session you attended?

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