Dr Sketchy’s: Steampunk I


This is not real but is the fantasy of the hysterical mind.  There are treatments: electrocution, laudanum and, failing all, arsenic.


Dr Sketchy’s, Victoria pub, Birmingham 24th September.  Ten minute poses by the wonderful and astounding Time Healers, Joanne Hemlock Wenlock and Richildis Mary Tonks.

11 responses to “Dr Sketchy’s: Steampunk I

      • Started in New York.
        I follow some artists in Australia who do Dr Sketchys in Melbourne and who are going to join it when visiting Tokyo.
        Here in the UK it’s very varied. In Birmingham the team seem big on narrative, Twin Peaks, Star Wars, steampunk. In neighbouring Welsh borders, I notice, they’ve done The Joy of Sex (the iconic book from our youth, complete with mirkins!) and Saints and Sinners.

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