Spare lines

Occasionally, I try an exercise: capturing the essence of  composition in a few lines and colours.  It’s a cognitive challenge.  What am I seeing, what is important to show, what is best implied and not shown?

Here are three drawings.  The top is most recent, a line of pumpkins connect me to the scarecrow.  This was done standing in the kitchen garden at Packwood House.


These next two were done from the bike a couple of weeks ago.  One looks across into a nearby field from over a gate and under hanging oak foliage, whereas the other is of hay bales in a more distant field, on the other side of the canal, leading back to a line of trees.



7 responses to “Spare lines

  1. You have probably answered this question but I haven’t been reading blogs lately. Are you using the aquarelle crayons? I like how you talk about your drawings. It makes the post more interesting. I think I’ll give it a try.

    • Hi Carla
      I think aquarelle are water soluble. Mine are conte, French hard pastels with a water insoluble binder (though that varies between colours). They can serve as a resist, laying them down before watercolour or ink. This can give nice effects as long as I don’t labour it.

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