parallel lines

I lost the point of this drawing somewhere.

Goss Moor hosts a confluence of pylons and high voltage cables.  The pond by the track held on its surface two almost perfect parallel lines, broken only by the slightest of ripples.  In my drawing, I have coarsened the water’s movements and successive corrections have blunted the starkness of the reflected wires against the reflected sky.


As usual this was developed from my bike as a tone drawing in fountain pen and water.  I wetted part of the surface when applying conte crayon, getting greater contrasts between solidly and lightly applied colour.


8 responses to “parallel lines

    • Hi Rose
      It’s pretty much all I do artistically right now. Given the choice I’d rather be outdoors. But this of course was from a weeks holiday, and generally I’ve been practicing drawing quickly so I can get time to do it at all. I’ve only one more drawing from that holiday left to post. I hope to do more this weekend in mid Wales.

  1. You are very industrious. Don’t underestimate what you achieve in the ‘drawing quickly’. Your commitment to the scene and image is palpable! I like the portrait set up, I feel I’m getting a slice of the earth and sky in an exact moment, in an exact place. How do you manage to pick up where you were and motivate yourself with the snatched sporadic chances you get? I think it has something to do with the bike. I might put one in the loft and sit on it of an evening!

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