Seven lines and two colours

I invented a rule to abstract from the subject .  The rule limits any drawing to seven lines and two colours.

2016-08-22 Trerice 1

I consciously cheated on my own rule in these two drawings at Trerice, an Elizabethan house in Cornwall.  In the first, I followed the letter of the rule but not its spirit, drawing continuously to create more complex shapes and textures with a single so-called line.   Ironically, I wrote the rule above in blue ink then spread this with water to provide a third colour.   In the second, I used black crayon in addition to the permitted yellow and green, deciding black is not a colour.

2016-08-22 Trerice 3

8 responses to “Seven lines and two colours

      • Hi Neil, I have to tell you that I don’t think i will write the post on rules I had planned so here goes. In relation to my piece of stitched work, rather than a sketch, my rules/instructions to myself are:
        * don’t be too literal
        *experiment with compositio (scale and placement of motifs)
        *don’t get sucked in by ‘local’ colour,
        *instead use tone and contrast as guides to select colour
        *use coloured threads I have bought second hand, so there are no ‘safe’ colour choices

        What is interesting is that while I am applying the rules to my textile works, most of these ideas came from the playing around with my drawings, particularly the portraits made at the coffee shop. I am trying to achieve, both in my sketches and ‘art’ pieces results that are a good/interesting work of art, rather than a stodgy reproduction . I think you can achieve both and not lose the plot. I think Jo Dunn’s work is an example of this.

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