Mark making II

2016-05-29 ice cream van

A recent workshop focussed simply on using different marks to build various surfaces … and absences as light refracts through open air.  However, I have reverted to type making the same marks in fountain pen and bleeding them with water. The only change I have made is to lift ink from the nib with the brush and mottle the paper in places without hard lines.  I have tried to show the hard metal of the lamp post with straight lines and to build contrast between  the reflecting glass and matt body work of the ice cream van.  I think I need to look more closely at how other artists have used line and dot to create texture, tone and contrast.

2016-05-15 ice cream hoodie

Here are a bunch of sketches of and by the family.  They all seem to focus on feeding or waiting for food I notice.  My drawings are recognisable enough – the same fountain pen marks, the same water brush.  But if you look closely, I managed a bit of texture on the ice cream cone!

2016-05-15 breakfast

My daughter has used the same pen but produced wholly different marks.

2016-05-29 23.23.57-1  2016-05-29 23.24.50-2

My wife has used pencil and watercolour pencils, and has an unfussy direct style which captures much of my son’s character (he is drawn waiting for a bacon sandwich sitting outside a café).

2016-05-29 Joseph   2016-06-06 23.05.28-2





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