Museum drawings

I am trying to infect as many members of my family with the drawing bug as possible.  My sons remain immune  but my wife was lured by drawing in a pub and  my daughter has come out drawing in the countryside with me several times.  She has become quite interested in this social activity of urban sketching.   Here are a mixture of drawings in museums, the first is mine in the Natural History Museum in London.  The rest are a mixture of mine and my daughter’s from an urban sketching trip we did together in the Think Tank in Birmingham.  Three pictures I have posted already but here are placed along side hers.

2016-03-29 neanderthal man model

We begin with exhibits – the prototype Mars suit, tipping water bucket, robot arm, pre-gear bicycle, tram.

While I drew the giant deer skeleton, she turned to the smaller stuffed animals on display.

We also drew people.  One of these is a picture of me, another by me of another sketcher, Raj.  The rest are of people mostly in the café.

For completeness, the last was drawn where we shared breakfast before we went to the museum.  It is my sketch in fountain pen of part of the Birmingham law courts.

2016-04-16 Birmingham court from cafe across road


14 responses to “Museum drawings

  1. What a great thing to do with the family. My grandchildren always expect to paint while here, anymore. Creating opens doors to so much! I enjoyed viewing all of these sketches!

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