Sketching: A4s Awakens

I had raved so much about my first Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art-School session, drawing with cabaret and a beer, that my wife decided that next time she would come too.  She never draws, at least not since drawing the Esso tiger in junior school.

The great Dr Sketchy’s team in Birmingham put on  series of ten minute poses over four hours.  My wife drew clear bold lines in charcoal.  For the storm troopers, I blocked in reflected light in pink and blue conte crayon , then drew into it with black brush pen.

This character Ahsoka comes from the Clone Wars cartoon series, which I never watched.  The model played her with sense of aloof power.  I was struck by her dramatic lips and eyes.  I drew in pencil and then watercolour.  I keep meaning to go back and work into this in conte crayon – I don’t feel I captured her essence here.

Mysti Vine played a fabulous Princess Leia.  I like my wife’s drawing particularly though she is dismissive, claiming the best part of her drawing is the furniture.  There is something about her composition that works really well for me.

Kitten von Mew played Leia riding an ewok.  What is not to like about this costume?  On Facebook is a photograph with her in costume sharing a platform with Warwick Davis, who played the ewok Wicket in the third (or sixth) Star Wars episode.

And to finish, here are the masters of the force, Sith and Jedi.  Lisa, who organises the Birmingham Dr Sketchy’s sessions, played Anakin, the young Darth Vadar.

Personally, I am impressed with my wife’s drawings which are clearer and more expressive than my attempts.  For ten minute poses, I need to simplify my tools.

9 responses to “Sketching: A4s Awakens

    • Yes. Interesting comparison. She says she got the proportions wrong. I see the figure as foreshortened with the upper body receding. That is what makes come alive for me.

  1. Another great punny title. Congrats to your wife for participating I also like her Princess Leia. I hope you continue to participate together. My partner has been come to all the Dr Sketchy events we have heard about, sadly we’ve missed some. May the A4s be with you!

  2. Wow, these are really impressive! The 8 lower ones look great together. They’ve reminded me of the immense amount of information you have to try and process at the dr sketchy sessions – character and costume adding another layer to tackle. Hard to decide what is essential and what can be dropped, all that alluring detail makes my head spin! Were you exhausted afterwards? I like especially the top right storm trooper and the top left figure on the bottom set and, what must be known from now on as the Modigliani.

    • Thanks OA
      By the way, you may not realise but the pictures in each set are ordered randomly and change each time you view the page. I never thought about how people refer to individual pictures when I set the settings.
      I agree, I felt as if my head was spinning. I am looking again at my materials for the next one, to simplify them to get colour on faster, giving more time to do the drawing itself.

      • Oh no, i always comment like that, i didn’t realise! I wondered if i went again, should I have a set out plan of attack, the sessions are pretty overwhelming and it’s a long time to spend to be disappointed with the results (i wasn’t too chuff with what I came away with). Perhaps I wasn’t doing enough drinking

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