sketching on the way to work

This week the weather has alternated between overcast and bright cold sunshine.  The urban environment through which I drive to work is near the outskirts of the city and built on undulating land, largely shaped in the Ice Age and gently eroded by small brooks.  I notice as I turn into certain roads I look across roof tops to a sky line built in layers of trees and buildings.  In the early morning these catch the sun and glow.

2016-02-20 Yardely Wood (2)

I parked up on the way to work at the top of a descending road and tried to capture the sunshine picking out distant residential blocks on the far wooded ridge, partly obscured by near trees and roofs.  The proportions are wrong – the blocks should be smaller to show their distance.

2016-02-19 Muir Tower

On a different day, yesterday in fact, I parked at work facing across the railway line to the Muirhead Tower, with the visor down to reduce the sun’s glare.  Before getting out, I  drew the tower and adjacent building, partly obscured by a line of bare trees.

Both sketches were drawn, rather too intensely, with fountain pen and then overlaid with conte crayon.  I have worked back over them to lighten the sky with white gouache which picks up the underlying pigments.

13 responses to “sketching on the way to work

  1. This must be one of the better ways to start a working day. I like both of them and as I don’t have the original in front of me can’t see the proportion problems you do. I particularly like the texture of these works, the first one in particular. They seem very grounded.

  2. You are putting more and more into your work and I think it’s really paying off. I like the heavily worked trees in the top one and the uncompromising dark trees in the bottom. In fact I like the bottom picture a lot.

    • Thanks OA that means a lot. I have learned I don’t have delicacy of touch. I get pleasure from reworking and changing work. The trees were attacked with sand paper, knife, pen, gouache and water on top of pen and crayon.

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