The lady with the log

I was completely bemused when the model sat, primly dressed, staring at us, cradling in her arms a log.  I had no idea of the reference.  There was something hauntingly primitive about her, such that not just the log but the whole seated person was a totem, imbued by believers with supernatural power.  I found myself exaggerating her hands, wherein the power seemed to lie.


Four hours intense drawing.  I so look forward to the next Dr Sketchy’s session.  March …

Here are a mix of sketches, as done on the day and touched up after.

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4 responses to “The lady with the log

    • In March the theme is … Star Wars!
      Not all do this kind of theme to sessions. I am looking forward to hearing from another artist who went to Dr Sketchys in a different city yesterday.

  1. So interesting, your sketches, kestralart! I checked near me but would have to drive two and a half hours to just get there. But! Incredible idea and hope one pops up closer to me. Thank you for sharing this information.

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