Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham: warm up

2016-01-29 Dr Sketchies (1)

I had found a seat out of the way and fairly close to the small stage in the upper room above the pub.  People were coming in, finding chairs and getting out pads and pencils.  I started to draw straightaway in my smallest sketchbook, rough fast images to loosen up my hand and brain.

With reference to the legend on the sketch, it wasn’t the semi nakedness that threw me, it was the horse’s head (when I drew the next sketch, it was hidden from my view – I think he is still holding it but it’s obscured by the head of the lady in front of me).  Such is my ignorance of contemporary culture, I did not at this point know the significance of the white horse, nor of owls or logs or layers of plastic.

2016-01-29 Dr Sketchies (19)

Four hours of drawing were opened, compered and closed by jazz and blues singer Liberty Pink.  My first drawings, while she sang and then posed for 15 minutes, were done blocking in colour in conte crayon and drawing into this with brush pen.  I feel these did her looks and movement little justice.  I think the very last sketch of the afternoon, drawn in pen and water as she sung her closing blues tribute to coffee, captured her style and demeanour better.

2016-01-29 Dr Sketchies (18)   2016-01-29 Dr Sketchies (17)

2016-01-29 Dr Sketchies (2)

The next post involves the horses head.

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