companionable drawing

Today my daughter asked to go for a walk and do some drawing.  This is not something we do often.  She had in mind a muddy walk through fields to a place where we had previously drawn buzzards.  So we did.

31-10-2015 Barston Fields (Hannah)

She chose a composition looking out into a field where an old almost bare oak tree was crowned by reddening foliage, glowing in the late afternoon autumn light.  She drew bold lines in pencil then switched from that to watercolour and then conte crayon, constrained by my art field kit and guided by the technique I am developing for myself.  I looked only twice – when she finished the pencil marks and when she had finished.   I will be honest, I really like this piece.

31-10-2015 Barston Fields (3)

Here is my piece.  However, unlike my companion, I reworked this when I got home.  I had looked again at her painting and at a shot taken on my phone.  I had not seen what she had, that the bare tree still had leaves at the top and side, and these should be the focus of the sketch.  I also needed to bring the foreground forward.  Here is the drawing as completed in the field and photographed in sunlight.

31-10-2015 Barston Fields (1)

The light across the cut maize stalks was striking.

2015-10-31 puddles in autumn

Yesterday, we went by train to the music shop to sort an annoying buzz affecting the C string on my tenor ukulele.  We sketched on the train.

2015-10-28 On the train - Hannah (1)

2015-10-28 On the train - Hannah (2)  2015-10-28 On the train (3)

12 responses to “companionable drawing

  1. Lovely KA, the joy of collaboration comes through. I think the adult gets more from the experience than the child, have tried the same this half term with mine. How about a meet up for some en plein air?

    • Hi
      Thanks for the comment. There’s no doubt this was an enjoyable drawing session for me. I’m happy to meet up but I think we should not be over ambitious about drawing. When my kids, especially my daughter, meet other kids they will want to play and we’ll be lucky to get five minutes concentration. But … Depends how we set it up I guess.
      Happy to plan this

      • Hi I was thinking more as a part of the bloggers workshop discussed rather than with kids. I got one sketch each out of mine in a whole week and I thought that was pretty good going!

      • Hi
        I got wrong end of stick. This makes more sense. Ok let’s arrange a plenty air meet. I’ll email you.
        I wonder if anyone’s else would join us presumably East Midlands somewhere?

    • Thanks Leslie
      You are right. Part of my reason for drawing, and for playing music badly, is to normalise these activities so they are not just school lessons for kids but a thing we do as adults.

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