2015-08-29 16.19.16 4

This is the remaining sketch from our holiday in August.  I took a long walk past the expensive marina, along the coast path and then inland up steep wooded hills.  It was hot.

This sketch began with a layer of conte crayon, then  water colour scattering over the layer of resist.  This is shown below.  It’s photographed under different lighting I notice (intense sunlight), showing more dramatically the blue of sea and sky.

2015-08-26 12.03.29-1

After a couple more layers of crayon and paint, I blocked in deep shadows with the black brush pen.

September has been a thin month for drawing, limited to a charcoal sketch of Jeremy Corbyn when he won the Labour leadership and some desultory drawings of birds in the nature reserve.  I tried to mix conte crayon and watercolour again as well as drawing in ink, but could not find the technique that day.

2015-10-04 22.03.55  2015-10-04 22.04.07-1

2015-10-04 22.02.31-1  2015-10-04 22.02.46

2015-10-04 22.04.21

The less often I draw, the harder it becomes to do it.


5 responses to “Resistance

  1. That’s the back and forth of art. I sometimes look at old books and I’m stunned at what I’ve done and have no idea how the work was achieved. It will come back again practice encourages the skill in through the door.

  2. The top one is looks very tactile, reminds me of lichen on dry, rough old gravestones. I like the directional push up from right to left too, lifting us to the point. I like your bird sketches too. The top right really catches my eye. Nice contrast between rubbed green background and thicker grey of the body. Keep going, even if it seems paltry

    • Thanks
      I really appreciate you comments. I always learn something. I looked again at the directional push – this is an interesting concept. It feels accidental in that I stood where I could get shade, but one might argue I still had to choose or reject composition.
      The mix of crayon and paint is pleasingly tactile, one reason I like doing it.

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