spilled ink

Last weekend I only managed to find time for this unsatisfactory sketch, done in the late afternoon in the local wood.

2015-08-01 ink not yet spilled on conte crayon field sketch

It is done in conte crayon on heavy white textured paper (Stillman and Birn beta sketchbook).  I was trying for a composition that showed the depth of the layers of foliage through changes in light and tone.

Irritated with this field sketch, I later poured water on it.  It beaded and scattered across the crayon resist, carrying some of the pigment in swirls of floating dust.  I threw on sepia, yellow and green ink.  This was now spilling over the sides.  I put thick card under the page to isolate it from the rest of the sketchbook.  The inks threatened to leave the water repellent surface so I trapped them under a crumpled acrylic sheet and left this to dry.

2015-08-01 ink spilled on conte crayon field sketch (2)

The next day, the paper was lifted from the card by sharp dissection.  I had to glue it to a new sheet to effect repairs where cuts and rips had penetrated to the surface.  Now looking at it, I wonder whether to work back over this surface.

8 responses to “spilled ink

  1. Don’t you just love this sort of art play!!!! Exciting effects. So textural. I have been playing with dilute, watery, acrylic on colour fix pastel paper….. with sumi ink, often using the stick directly, and charcoal, and pastel…. yes mm. So I find this of your’s today so exciting. Will post a pic of mine to my blog when I have a daylight hour at home to photograph. Tuesday perhaps if time between classes

  2. I think you achieved what you set out to do. The tangle and forest over growth is beautiful, with the light ahead to find a way out. I live the layered texture.

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