Summer evening light plus check shirt

2015 06 21 Siden Hill Woods (9)

Last weekend I set out to capture the lowering evening light filtering through the trees in Siden Hill Woods.  These are the finished pieces photographed on site before fixing.

2015 06 21 Siden Hill Woods (12)

2015 06 21 Siden Hill Woods (10)

Initially I attempted just to capture the tones, using white, black and sanguine on mauve grey paper.  The patches of sunshine on the forest floor were spattered by moving shadows adding additional tone to the piece.  This first initial drawing has pleasingly broken lines and shapes lost when I overlaid it with the coloured crayon.

2015 06 21 Siden Hill Woods (13)    2015 06 21 Siden Hill Woods (3)    IMG_2266

Fixing with spray adhesive unfortunately darkened the picture and sucked the life out of it.

2015 06 21 Siden Hill Woods (11)

My only other sketch from last week was of my son, playing on my phone after swimming, in blue and black fountain pen and water.


3 responses to “Summer evening light plus check shirt

  1. Lovely drawings – I do sympathise with you over the use of fixative. It kills the pastel as you say. Personally, I stopped using it a long time ago – I just thought ‘to hell with it!’ I have found that if you put a sheet of greaseproof (baking) paper over the drawing and store it flat, you don’t lose too much. Another way, is to use fixative before applying the last layer of pastel (but how do you know when that will be???). My framer’s face falls when I bring a pastel in, it causes immense trouble for her, but I think the fixative is no good, certainly on the last layer of pastel. I hope you decide to do more, or work over the drawing with a new unfixed layer and get the life back in! 🙂

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