Bowling up hill

2015-06-14 (3)

The drizzle rapidly speckled the paper as I drew.  I was watching over the children in the playpark, and saw these guys playing cricket up hill.  If the fence behind was the wicket, the batsman was out more than once but never yielded the bat.  When he hit the ball bowled up to him, it was inevitably a six, as he had the advantage of the elevated ground.

2015-06-14 (1)    2015-06-14 (2)

This was while waiting for new tyres to be fitted.  She is standing at a high counter drinking hot chocolate.

2015-06-14 (2)   2015-06-14 (5)

These pen sketches of lapwings and a black headed gull were done at the same time as the drawings of the chicks posted previously.

2015-06-14 (6)

I am always enthralled by the urgent piping of oystercatchers.  A group of five formed up on the mud and paraded in ranks, hunched, bills open, calling in chorus.

2015-06-14 (1)

These sketches were done in a café while out yesterday, playing with dominant and non-dominant hand drawing.

2015-06-21 07.35.01-1    2015-06-21 07.35.12-1

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