Walking back

In contemplative mood, walking from one place to another on busy paved roads surrounded by buildings, I found a short cut through woods within which I was disturbed only once by a passing cyclist.  I stood and drew this in black ink and water.  I walked on holding it while it dried, plucking leaves and picking fallen bark which I rubbed in to stain the paper.

2015-05-27 Walking back to the station

This next was done while cycling along a canal.  I keep meaning to work back into it to clarify the shapes and tones but now I am thousands of miles from my tools so post it as it is.

2015-05-22 dredger

These other little drawings include one of a moorhen chick, one of many I saw foraging in and out of reeds a couple of weeks ago, and ink sketches done in pubs and restaurants.

IMG_1896 2015-05-23 family meal

IMG_1897 2015-05-16 moorhen chick



4 responses to “Walking back

    • Thanks
      Scribbly lines is exactly right. For some reason I like the feel of drawing without preparation with a near continuous line. It does leave the drawings lacking in accuracy as I have not trained myself sufficiently to be able to see the invisible scaffolding under the drawing.

  1. I really like it that you picked up the bark and rubbed it into the drawing of that spot. That one draws me in and I can imagine the artist there, at that moment. I also like those drawings of people done on the spot. I used to do that, early mornings after overnight work I did for awhile. I’d stop for a coffee on the way home and draw the morning people.

    • Thanks Leslie
      I need to practice people more but I find myself scared to do so in public, of strangers. But others do it.
      I hope you are well. I’m just back from Chicago. Jit much times o draw there either.

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