Assorted birds, few words

20150215  (3)

Cormorant – charcoal

20150209 Snipe (5)

Snipe – conte crayon, charcoal

20150209 Snipe (2)

Snipe – conte crayon, charcoal

20150215  (2)

Cormorants – charcoal, chalk pastel, clean water


Snipe – pen and ink

20150209 Snipe (1)

Snipe – pen and ink and clean water

20150215  (1)

Assorted birds – charcoal, pen, ink, water, chalk pastel

12 responses to “Assorted birds, few words

    • Hi Leonie
      Thanks. I started that day using pen but felt it was not working so switched. The snipe were pretty mobile, feeding in the marsh, so I was struggling to define their shapes when starting with outline. The crayon works differently, working outwards from the shape and also constraining my mark making by using the length of the crayon not the dot of the nib. But the truth is, it just takes time to become immersed in drawing, lots of failed sketches to reach a few that work.
      Best wishes

    • Hi, thanks.
      I looked at the satellite shots of the Elbe. It looks like one might cycle from Hamburg to the sea along its bank. I wonder what the bird watching is like. It’s very developed agriculturally but I guess it depends on how farming is practiced.

      • There are bike trails along the river or nearby and also some “Bed and Bike” places where one can sleep. The area is good for bird watching. At some places, there are mudflats. You can see different kinds of seagulls, oystercatchers, lapwings, geese, snipes, wagtails, cranes, ducks, different kinds of songbirds. There are storks in some areas. South of the river, there is an apple and cherry growing area, very nice during the flowering season (google “Altes Land” and look at the pictures. Hamburg is also worth a trip. 🙂

      • Thanks
        I now really want to go there. I was in Hamburg last year I think for a conference. I think it might even have been year before. Walked a lot round the centre and found an under-used restaurant where I got a fabulous steak and could read my kindle in peace with a beer. I will think about coming to cycle and draw birds instead if I get a chance.

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