The icy water surface of the flooded gravel pit is full of piping teal and wigeon, mallards, barnacle and pink footed geese, ascending lapwings and clouds of circling black headed gulls.  Silent and hidden among broken reeds and rushes, the snipe are hunkering down.  The stripes down their backs almost completely mimic their surroundings. A shrill cry above from a possible predator catapults birds into the air, but snipe stay still.


Snipe in the rushes: pen and watercolour

The soft winter evening light glows off their plumage and the myriad stripes of surrounding vegetation.

2015-01-02 snipe

2015-01-02 snipe

Snipe 2: fountain pen, conte crayon and photoshop glow filter

Snipe: fountain pen, conte crayon - original sketchbook

Snipe: fountain pen, conte crayon – original sketchbook

9 responses to “Snipe

  1. I love all the lines – plumage markings, bill, reeds. Also these are from a wonderful point of view, right on level with the bird, as his fellow snipe might see him.
    Such strange-looking birds, even by waterbird standards, with their eyes so far up the head. I’ll have to take a look at a snipe skull someday.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful, kestralart. I am chuckling as I say this because I fell for the snipe hunt, years ago, at a camp I attended. Had I known they were so fragile looking and so harmless, they, the big kids, could never have gotten me to carry that gunny sack around and beat the brush with a stick! Ha! Thanks for the memory through your bird drawings and paintings!

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