Holiday sketches: Cap de Formentor

The topmost corner of Mallorca is a promontory projecting about 11km out to sea.  It is made of high limestone ridges that cut diagonally across the line of land.  The single road zig zags up steeply from sea level to around 270 metres, a high point with dramatic views of the north coastal bays.  It then winds down on the other side to reach a beach on the southern side.  From there, it is a long shallow climb through pine forest, again crossing the line of the land, before reaching the last ridge that carries it to the tip, where sits the lighthouse.  In hot weather, this was a hard cycle ride for me.

This first pencil sketch was done 2 years ago, looking from the first ridge along the pine forest to the distant heights.

2012 Formentor

In the second, done a couple of weeks ago, I looked back over this same forest and at the deep blue bay beneath me.   As orientation, that near peak to the left in the painting is the distant height centre in the pencil sketch.    I have wholly changed my approach to drawing, no longer using pencil and instead committing myself to indelible pen lines to create a framework for colour.

2014-08-27 18.52.05 - Copy 1

The last drawing looks forward, along the line of the cliffs to the Cap and lighthouse.  This was done in water-soluble ink, liberated with a wash of clear water to create tones.

2014-08-27 18.53.15

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