Holiday sketches: kind of twee

I remembered this spot from cycling here 2 years ago.  A wind pump sits amid fields.  Then, the fields in front were freshly mowed and the hay baled in huge cylinders that glowed in the morning sun.  This time, it was evening and the light came from behind the pump house, putting it in shadow but back lighting the long grasses in the foreground.

This was a quick sketch as I cycled home, with the colours added later from memory.

2014-08-29 13.49.45

2014-08-27 18.54.02

I found this pencil sketch of the same wind pump, viewed from the neighbouring field, made a couple of years ago.  These were notes for a watercolour painting I never got round to doing.     I thought I would add it to this post to remind myself of how my approach has changed.

2012 wind pump Mallorca

5 responses to “Holiday sketches: kind of twee

    • Thanks Anne. I found an old drawing in pencil made a couple of years of this same wind pump and added it to the post, in response to your comment. See what you think of the change ….

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