Seals on Holy Island

2014-07-17 Seals at Holy Island (10)

Holy Island is a low rocky outcrop in the coastal mudflats connected twice daily by a causeway revealed by the tides.  Arriving, straight away I could hear a low drone.  I could not tell whether this was natural or the sound of many motors.

2014-07-17 Seals at Holy Island (9 1)

Initially I walked slowly along a long path until I crossed dunes to reach the sea.  Then I hurried back and returned with my most powerful telescope.  The constant gronking noise came from common seals resting on rocks just out to sea.

2014-07-17 Seals at Holy Island (3)

2014-07-17 Seals at Holy Island (4a)

At first I was too distant to make out much more than their shapes.

2014-07-17 Seals at Holy Island (12)

Edging closer by rounding the shoreline, I began to make out the features on their flippers and faces.

2014-07-17 Seals at Holy Island (8 1)

2014-07-17 Seals at Holy Island (1)

I think these were mainly females with their pups.  The moved contently, turning and twisting in the sun and slipping in and out of the sea.

2014-07-17 Seals at Holy Island (2)

9 responses to “Seals on Holy Island

    • Hi Leonie
      To gronk (v) to make a loud sound similar to a that made by a sauropod dinosaur; gronk (n) a person making loud repetitive droning noises similar to those made by a sauropod dinosaur bemoaning its future extinction; gronking (adj) describing a person prone to making loud but pointless and ultimately futile moaning noises about the meaning of life, usually applied to teenagers.
      Gronk is a neologism of genius, but not mine. It first emerged from a dinosaur’s mouth in the BC comic strips drawn by the late Johnny Hart.

  1. hello, I would love to use one of your murmurations paintings for a cd I’m making- womens’ voices singing in harmony and melodic layers, with nature connection/feminine theme. Starlings/murmurations are an inspiration for the band name and album title, and I think your painting would be a beautiful addition. Please let me know how to go about obtaining your permission– I’d be happy to send a few copies of the cd or a small amount of $. Thanks, Kate

    • ps the cd is about to go into production… i.e., in the next day or two… so I’d love to hear back from you sooner than later. Really beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Kate, I have emailed you some JPEGs. in brief I am happy for you to use my paintings without transfer of copyright. As an amateur artist I don’t look for personal payment for the use of paintings, but invite you to donate anonymously whatever you consider appropriate to the charity Fighting Skin Cancer (I apologise for the lack of content on that webpage as yet) or to the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Centre

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