I sat on a grassy dome of ancient lava, ate a mutton pie and painted this small sketch. In the left corner is Pettico Wick, the little harbour marking the transition between the hard igneous cap of St Abbs Head and the softer sedimentary rocks making up most of the coast line.

2014-07-18 Pettico Wick St Abbs

Along this coast are cliffs made of high angled slabs of layered rock.  These layers were laid flat during the Silurian period more than 400 million years ago when fish first developed jaws and land became clothed in plants.  What is so striking here is that these layers have been contorted and tightly folded by unimaginable forces, affecting the shapes of the overlying grassy slopes.

I drew this in indelible ink before washing over watercolour.  Below are fast line drawings as I tried to get a sense of the scenery.

2014-07-18 Pettico Wick07.29 (1) 2014-07-18 Pettico Wick07.29 (2)

My knowledge of the geology comes from monographs called the Coastal Geomorphology of Great Britain.

10 responses to “Contortions

    • What can I say? Nerdy is right. The drawing is just a tool. The connection to the world around us and the depths of time is the purpose. That’s just my take.
      Still, I do like “some rocks I drew” also. It has clarity. The next post is of sketches of flying kittiwakes, which are of course therapod dinosaurs, akin to velociraptor and tyrannosaurus. I might call it “Some birds I drew”.

      • Oh I can have my nerdy moments: you never see me write: Some plants I drew. I like nerdy… but I’m not very good at rocks 😉 As to relatives of the of dinosaurs: I believe the chickens in my garden are also in that class, they certainly sound like it!

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