Marsh harrier, hunting

20140629 (7)

A couple of weekends ago, I went early in the morning to the Bird Sanctuary at Blacktoft Sands on the Humber.  Sweeping across the reed beds with my binoculars, I chanced upon a female marsh harrier sitting just above the foliage, preening and stretching her wings.

20140629 (6) 20140629 (14) 20140629 (5)

20140629 (2)

Periodically, she flew across the marsh, hovering and then dropping, wings above her, to snatch prey.

20140629 (1) 20140629 (8) 20140629 (9) 20140629 (12) 20140629 (10) 20140629 (11) 20140629 (13)



10 responses to “Marsh harrier, hunting

    • Thanks Anne,
      This is definitely taking practice. First to see and understand the bird in flight. And second to just have the confidence to make the marks on the paper, eve though the bird is already gone from view.
      I’m trying again tomorrow.

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