Family Beesiness

This is my son Jon (with younger brother and sister) and his prototype affordable flatpack hive for urban beekeeping on display at the New Designers Exhibition in London last week.

2014-07-05 12.02.36

These are not in production yet – a lot more work to do to commercialise this.  However, we hope to test the prototype in our garden this summer.  His new website is called Purplewax.

6 responses to “Family Beesiness

    • Yes. Neat idea. I was disappointed there were no flowers in it at the exhibition, but the hall was baking hot and they would have died.
      I’ve been looking into this. Not sure about testing his prototype myself straight away. Looks like I ought to learn a bit first …

  1. I have shied away from beekeeping on account of the degree of devotion I assume it requires (it’s enough work to keep my vegetable garden!), but have great respect for those who take up this important work and cause. Your son’s work is wonderful–his bookshelf is ingenious, too! Can’t wait to send the link to his site to a friend of mine. She will adore the bookshelf. (We are quite scrupulous, but it occurs to me that I hope he is legally protecting his designs–they’re that good! :-))

    Your recent posts are beautiful. I especially like the “complex systems” painting. And your birds are favorites. Have you seen Rick Bartow’s work? It strikes me as something you might appreciate. He’s a fav of mine.

    Asimov was a transitional author for me, too! (But I hadn’t remembered that much detail from Foundation.) I’ve been absent for awhile–it’s good to see that you (and your family) are still creating!

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