watchful peace

20140525 (2)

Two lapwing chicks blithely wandered and foraged on a small spit of land in the middle of the pool.  The parent was often as much as ten feet away, though always watchful.  Behind, on the water, were juvenile and adult herring gulls.

20140525 (9)  20140525 (7)

This is like watching baby gazelle gambolling near a pride of lions.  Any moment, I expected a herring gull to take a short hop over to swallow a chick whole.

20140525 (5)

Also nesting in the grass, incubating eggs I think, as yet with no chicks, were black headed gulls.

20140525 (3)

I gradually realised that the larger herring gulls were in fact prisoners, on parole.  As long as they stayed still, they were tolerated, but make a move or take to the air and they were immediately mobbed by crowds of black headed gulls driving them away.

20140525 (11)

This watchful peace is what lent safety to the lapwing chicks.




6 responses to “watchful peace

    • Thanks Anne
      I also love the sepia tones but they resulted from digital manipulation, as shown in my next post. Still, it’s all learning and I plan to try to achieve this affect directly.

  1. The sepia pieces surprised me, so, they grabbed my attention right off! I like them. They are so warm and seem to add to the intimacy of the moment. Very cool!

    • Thanks Leslie
      I wish I could claim the sepia tone was done in the field. It is in fact digital manipulation – a happy accidental discovery when I was cropping the shots. I have posted about this today. Still, I am going to try to achieve this directly by changing my media in my field kit.

  2. The second I saw the first sketch I thought “Lapwing”. I suspect the only reason I can put the name to the bird is your wonderful sketches.

    I randomly picked a Raven Girl by Audrey Niffenegger at the library and while looking through the illustrations thought of your plans to make intaglio etchings. (You can see her illustrations

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