Painting with volcanic rock

PLaya Blanca

A little way from a beach resort and harbour, a short spit of rock projected into the sea from the cliffs.   The volcanic rocks had eroded to greys tinged with bands of mauve, pink and orange.  I drew using black pen and wash on resistant Moleskine paper.  Lacking paints, I  ground a fragment of stone against the rock beneath me and stained the paper with the dust suspended in water.

Here is the original field sketch.  To create the final image above, I accentuated have the contrasts with white and sepia ink.

20140424 01

The sketch below at the same spot had been done a few days before just with ink and water – I had not thought to use the rock itself as a medium.

20140424 08

I spotted some plovers bathing in the rock pools below.  These sketches of a species unfamiliar to me were made alternating between drawing and looking through binoculars. Again I used the volcanic rock to get a sense of the rich chocolate brown plumage.  They were scared off by boys going fishing before I could have a proper go at drawing them.  These turn out to be waders called Ruddy Turnstone.

Ruddy Turnstone

Lanzarote is built from the outpourings of lava from a magma bubble not far beneath the surface of the Earth’s crust.  Some of my sketches of the now cold craters, twisted basalt and fields of ash are shown in the page on this blog called Exploded and Eroded, mixed with other drawings, mainly of the limestone karst scenery in Yorkshire and Majorca.



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