Its tough getting time to draw currently.  I have virtual access to my workplace so it follows me everywhere, into evenings and weekends.  Tomorrow, I hope to go out early and draw.

I admire the work of Yorkshire artist, Jo Dunn.  What strikes me is the way she uses the unpainted paper so skilfully between her bold strokes.

20140316 01 1

These pieces were painted in half an hour each at the waning of a March day before cycling home.  I tried consciously to use white paper in the composition, but the results are very different to Jo’s approach.

20140316 02 2

I am going to try again tomorrow.  If I can interpret the scene with gaps between bold marks, it is because I have Jo’s example in mind.


7 responses to “tomorrow

  1. They may be different, but very striking and full of energy. I like your piece!

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  2. Very spontanious. I really like how your brush skipped across the paper and leaving drybrush strokes behind. Blush both of these have beautiful wet-in-wet passages.

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