20140308 06

Yesterday’s notes go as follows:


One lands.

As soon as his feet touch the ground, the other flies at him.

Both soar vertically flapping hard, then veer hard to the right, swoop low to water and come in to land.

The first lands first and again is chased into the air.

20140308 05 a   20140308 03 a

Largely silent flight.

More like driving one to exhaustion than courtship.

Rivalry continues 30 minutes or more – clearly tiring over time.

20140308 04 b  20140308 04 a

Seems to be tiring – the first spent a long time on the wing, almost in indecision about landing again.

20140308 03 b

Another lapwing landed and stood aside, not involved in the struggle.

At this point I started to hear lapwing calls, but it was not clear if these were made by the competing birds.

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