more fast sketches

There is a change of mood and the first sense of sex in the air.  Within the groups of cormorants, gifts are made of large twigs and, daringly, there is contact made between arched necks.

This gift giver has a central quiff with grey sides to the head reminiscent of a 70s punk.

20140221 (2)

20140221 (1)

I notice that all my lapwings face left.  That has been the direction of the wind each time I have been drawing.  It was strong last Sunday.  The lapwings spent less time on the wing than previously, but did take off for a prolonged display of aerobatics.  I watched closely.  They were sometimes in formation – as they swooped low to the water, the flash of white underside was almost simultaneous.  Flying high in the wind, they were more chaotic, asynchronous wing beats, changing positions in the flock yet with patterns emerging as the flock shaped anvils in the sky.

I have not yet thought how to draw these patterns – perhaps a return to charcoal next week.

3 responses to “more fast sketches

  1. Excellent!!! Re facing to the left… bet you are right handed too as this also gives a tendency to face your birds to the left…. the flow of the lines, especially the curves. Do some without looking at the actual birds, from memory, and see what way they face. Is true for me anyway but maybe not for you. Interesting that in my memory most birds face that way too!!!! So weird.

  2. Changing hands to draw is worth trying. I think French artist Raoul Dufy made all his paintings with the ‘wrong’ hand…. can’t remember whether it was his left or right but the paintings were great. Keep going with these drawings of yours, they have such life in them – wonderful to see 🙂

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