lapwing flight studies

20140202 01 lapwing studies

This was quick hour focussed on watching lapwings.  There was a large noisy flock on the flooded gravel pit.  Some level of competition was going on, with individuals taking off and landing in different spots, causing some friction with the sessile birds resulting sometimes in ground being yielded, sometimes in a return to flight.

There were no pairs flying together yet.

Occasionally the flock would become airborne in unison.  They weave long formations, perhaps 4 or 5 birds deep.  Suspended over the water or trees, it is difficult to see a pattern in the collective movements.  However, when they flew more purposively away from the pond, I had a sense of some synchrony in their wing beats, caught as a simultaneous flash of white against the grey clouds.   Its hard to tell by eye though.

20140202 02 lapwing studies

20140202 03 lapwing studies

Spot the interloper, the non-lapwing

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