Malham Cove, snow, last March

Malham cove in snow, reduction linocut

Ten months ago I stood in the sleet and mist on the rocky path that leads up the side of a steep drop that had been carved by falling water powered by the melting Ice Age glaciers.

Malham Cove (14)

I have adapted this sketch, experimenting with carving a relief into a soft cut rubber block.  The aim was really to understand how the tools worked this material.  It was like butter against the broad bladed gouge yet buckled and resisted the greater pressure applied from the narrow V shaped cutter.  It took a while to learn how to cut fine lines.  This was the first cut.

20130120 2

Those small white vertical lines seemed to say nothing about the rock structure beneath, so I made four prints with various depths of blue and then recut the block.

20130120 3 2

Actually, I quite like this simple image without the blue underprint.  To me, it has a pleasing abstract nature.

Printing was done on the floor with an eighteen stone weight applied to the paper and block: i.e. placing a dictionary on the paper, with me standing on the book, lifting my daughter and with my son balancing on my feet and holding onto hers.


15 responses to “Malham Cove, snow, last March

  1. I’ve never used the pink rubbery blocks myself. I’m crazy to use the linoleum which on cold days I have to warm up with a hair dryer. lol I like the two tones version of the trees myself. It lends itself to how winter is cold. Well done!

    • Hi Lynn Marie
      I’d noticed your lino cut cat in the window on Reader. Nice. Thanks for your comment. This was my first use of the rubber blocks. I bought a pack thinking my kids would have a go. I’m cutting lino right now, warming it in the oven, but new to printmaking generally. I’m looking for another material which I used once in a workshop, some kind of vinyl that cuts with crisp edges. It’s all experimentation. My aim is to discipline my field drawings to collect information with a secondary medium, printmaking, in mind.

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