Concealed heron

concealed heron

I cycled down to the nature reserve and  drew for a couple of hours, for the first time in a few months.  These sketches are below and on the previous post.  I painted the watercolour the same evening based on my sketch, my memory and crude shots taken with my phone pointed down the telescope.  The important components are the dark shadows and bright highlights on the reeds and long grass.  I started with too much raw sienna and had to claw back the white paper with a knife.  I might try this composition again, and if so, will reserve large chunks of white paper from the start.

2014 01 11 9

2014 01 11 8

8 responses to “Concealed heron

  1. Hi Kes, i like this heron painting a lot. I looked again today at 300% zoom when I read your comment and I couldnt see any blobs or unsightlyness – just skill. I think it’s majestic.

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