line and wash experiments

Lapwings: line and wash experiments

I greatly admire this blog.  Marc Holmes is an artist in Montreal doing concept art and illustration for games, books and films.  In his sketchbook, his lines in soluble ink are liberated with the brush to produce dynamic and expressive images.  Would that I could do the same.

He commented on the use of the Lamy extra fine Safari fountain pen and the Kuretake brush pen and I bought them on this recommendation.  The Safari delivers lovely clear fine lines with no choking up like my old Parker fountain pen.  The brush pen with either the nylon or sable tip (I bought the one and was given the other) gives a steady ink flow with the control and flexibility of the brush.  These are great items in my simple field drawing kit – making clear versatile marks for a small burden.

This was my first field use of these two tools for drawing birds. I also used a sable brush and clean water to work into the sketches after making the initial marks rapidly in the brush pen.  Marc comments on taking a couple of vials of crimson and blue stained water to melt the lines and I may try this.

4 responses to “line and wash experiments

  1. Lovely expressive work. I’m now about to investigate the materials you talk about, and I’ve just started following Marc Holmes – so thanks three times!
    PS interesting he mentions Charles Reid -that was my first reacion too.

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