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I am writing an application for a grant.  It is for quite a lot of public money, less than a banker’s bonus but enough to employ several people for a while.  This takes a lot of time.  I am not drawing nor painting.  Sometimes I practice the 4 chords I know on the ukulele and almost get them right.

La Sevre Niortaise

To make room for others, I took down a lot of old watercolours from our walls and dumped them in a cupboard.  These are from a couple of years ago.

Pont de l'ille de Re

Sitting at the computer, I imagine I am looking out on an estuary, the wide mud flats met by the sky stretching down, hearing the thin piping of the wading birds, seeing the artefacts of humanity so small …

12 responses to “Wetland

  1. Good luck with your funding application. I know that they can be very time consuming to put together, and sometimes one is disappointed. But I wish you the very best of luck. If your application is half as good as your paintings, you should logically be fine!

  2. Good luck with your grant writing – I hope you’ll get the money for your project. I like your watercolours, specially the last one – it is so full of beautiful light

    • Thanks Anne.
      I just went on your site. In your first watercolour in the 2012 series, I can just see the Levels in the background. What is interesting and unusual in your composition is you place your blues to the fore with the warm coloured mud flats behind, so we look through the shadowed trees at the big vista beyond.
      You have made me hanker to come down that way to paint, though I did do a few sketches further round the coast last summer. Do you see much bird life on the Levels – I guess you would as Slimbridge is somewhere that way I think.
      Happy New Year.

      Just noticed – Slimbridge is much further up the estuary.

    • Thanks Steven.
      I noticed your digital watercolours for the first time on Reader. Nice. I’ve also used artrage on the ipad but with very different outcomes! Its a great medium. I’ve used it to work on paintings I have started then photographed, exploring different directions of travel.

      • It really is a great
        software. People spend hundreds on photoshop when this one has it all… Love your work….

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