teleconference doodles

20131129 101

Two hours, listening.  Molecular pathways in malignant cells and how to target them.  Its exciting but it is also intellectually challenging.

Drawing is a trick to help me concentrate whereas note-taking is a distraction.

20131129 2

Its been a busy week.  The best I can post is a doodle.  Here are a few more from other meetings.  Most go into the waste bin.

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9 responses to “teleconference doodles

  1. Wow, I don’t think I’d toss them into the waste bin, kestralart. These are drawings that could serve as reference for ideas of many creations to come. I’d probably find a file box to store them in. Could be easy like just divide them into high key and low key and revisit them in later years when you have more time? I really enjoyed looking at them, so thankyou for sharing them.

  2. Don’t throw them, they are all tickets to interesting art explorations, especially as you did them whilst listening to challenging micro neural thingies..turn them into linos..maybe the answer lies in the line…?!

  3. Thank you for revealing a justification for doodling. I’ve been a compulsive doodler since I was in college (the early 1060’s), and feel deprived if I don’t have a doodling tool at hand when attending not just lectures, but meetings. And like you, I don’t take notes. Well, not since law school (early ’70’s) Have you heard of Zentangle? I’ve observed it and thought it another fine way to doodle, with actual “art” as its goal. Too bad I’m too busy now with the real thing.

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