Planning how to make the cuts

20131031 sketch for printmaking 3

Field sketch.

marsh Lane lino source drawing 1

Planning a reduction linocut.  White black and two mid tones in acrylic ink.

20131031 sketch for printmaking 2

Increasingly turbulent,

White broken,

Striated linear,

Light blue:

1. Black

2. Mid

3. Contrast

4. White

Light from sun from above and behind left arch of bridge,

Thin reeds tapering up silhouetted to water,

White striated clouds like rock facies some areas darkened – dense parallel lines, others sparse striae

Areas of mid tone dense non-striated grey cloud in front in lower parts,

Trees silhouette against sky but more variegated by the light in front of bridge,

Here, shape the undergrowth in white and mid tone against the darks

Evening light at Marsh lane.


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